Brand new Dow Corning Hot Melt Adhesive, EA-4600 available from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe




Ellsworth Adhesives Europe, leading distributor of adhesives and adhesive dispensing equipment, is pleased to confirm availability of EA-4600, the newly launched hot melt adhesive from Dow Corning.


Dow Corning EA-4600 is a solvent free, one-component, moisture-cure silicone material offering longer open time and pot life, as well as lower odour and lower levels of volatility compared to conventional organic-based hot melt adhesives.


Designed for the electronic devices market, Dow Corning Hot melt adhesive EA-4600 promises to deliver enhanced reliability, reworkability and waterproofing for smart devices. With its room temperature vulcanization (RTV), this black adhesive provides improved assembly of consumer electronics and other high-volume demanding manufacturing operations.


Uniquely formulated to dispense easily, Dow Corning EA-4600 achieves instant green strength, allowing electronic assemblies to be handled immediately after its application. EA-4600 can be applied neatly as a liquid melt in very thin bonding lines of less than 0.5mm.


EA-4600 offers extended service temperatures from -40°C to 150°C. The material will soften when exposed to high temperatures, but revert to its typical properties after cooling. Unlike conventional polyurethane-based hot melt solutions, Dow Corning EA-4600 Silicone Hot Melt Adhesive incorporates ultraviolet (UV) markers to support automated UV inspection of finished parts. It can also be easily reworked within 24 hours of application. Once fully cured, Dow Corning EA-4600 Hot Melt Adhesive delivers outstanding, durable protection against chemicals, water and dust to enhance the reliability and performance of high-value electronics assemblies.


As a reactive material, EA-4600 cools quickly and cures at room temperature to become a viscoelastic polymer providing strong, flexible, primerless adhesion to an abundance of plastic and metal substrates.


Dow Corning EA-4600 enhances Ellsworth Adhesives’ existing portfolio of hot melt adhesives from manufacturers such as 3M and Loctite. Visit to view the full product range.


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