Robnor ResinLab PX901C

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Robnor ResinLab PX901C is an Epoxy Resin with excellent heat resistance and dimensional stability.

This rigid, two-component thermally conductive epoxy resin offers end users high electrical insulation, low shrinkage and excellent chemical resistance.

With a Viscosity of 3400 – 8000 (when mixed) and exceptionally good operating temperature of up to 220°C, this material is very easy to work with.

Available in beige or black, PX901C can be purchased in bulk, as a twin pack or as a kit.

Key Properties
- High Thermal Conductivity
- High Electrical Insulating Characteristics
- High Dimensional Stability
- Low Shrinkage
- Excellent Chemical and Heat Resistance
- Does not contain halogens or heavy metals
- WEEE / RoHS / REACH Compliant

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The high abrasion resistance of PX901C ensure PX901C will be hard wearing and should retain its surface finish for longer. Typical applications for PX901C include castings, circuit board components and electrical insulation.