Dymax 728-G – 15kg

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SpeedMask® 728-G UV/Visible light curable masking resin is formulated to provide good surface protection during plating, anodizing, aggressive grit blasting, shot peening, and machining operations. 728-G aids in the manufacturing, overhaul, repair, and rework of turbine engine blades, vanes, and other turbine components. This next-generation formulation is a 100% organic resin, which cures quickly and is easily removed. SpeedMask 728-G protects component substrates such as nickel alloys, steel, titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass. When properly cured, 728-G leaves no residue on the surface. A hot-water soak may be used to ease removal. TYPICAL USE    

Size: 15kg pail

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