Fisnar DSP501

The Fisnar DSP501 is a Liquid Dispenser with high volume control. The Fisnar DSP501N is recommended for liquid dispensing applications requiring a larger volume of pneumatic pressure such as when dispensing silicone from cartridges, glue from tubes with an autotube system or controlling a 3-way valve. The unit exhausts a greater volume of air, which helps prevent fluid run-on. Featuring a larger internal air solenoid recommended for operations that require an immediate and fast reaction for de-pressurization. Examples include: Collapsible toothpaste-type tube, caulking, cartridge reservoirs, valves and rotary-table operations. The higher volume exhaust prevents post compression of materials contained in tubes, avoiding stringing. Suitable for all types of fluids, includes a suck-back feature to ensure low viscosity liquids do not drip. Timing interval from 0.01 to 31 seconds.

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