Fisnar VC1195

The Fisnar VC1195N is a 4-way valve controller that can be used to control one or two valves simultaneously. The controller is suitable for all valves in the brochure identified as requiring or optionally accepting a 4-way controller. The Fisnar VC1195N valve controller provides a continuous “valve-off” state and remains in this mode until a signal is received to switch to “valve-on” mode. This instruction can derive from a remote robotic device or by the foot switch provided. When the timer is off, the valve will remain in “valve-on” state as long as the foot switch is pressed or to allow a robot to control the operation. When the timer is selected, a momentary pulse will activate the timer to open the valve for a programmed period and then close the valve automatically. The Fisnar VC1195N will deliver accurate and repeatable dots or beads for any application.

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