Fisnar VC1195

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The Fisnar VC1195N is a 4-way valve controller that can be used to control one or two valves simultaneously. The controller is suitable for all valves in the brochure identified as requiring or optionally accepting a 4-way controller. The Fisnar VC1195N valve controller provides a continuous “valve-off” state and remains in this mode until a signal is received to switch to “valve-on” mode. This instruction can derive from a remote robotic device or by the foot switch provided. When the timer is off, the valve will remain in “valve-on” state as long as the foot switch is pressed or to allow a robot to control the operation. When the timer is selected, a momentary pulse will activate the timer to open the valve for a programmed period and then close the valve automatically. The Fisnar VC1195N will deliver accurate and repeatable dots or beads for any application. Please note, lead times have been temporarily amended due to Covid-19. If parts are in stock, we will aim to ship this sooner. Please contact the customer service team for further information

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