MCC-DSTZ14 Dust Remover StatZAP Compatible

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MicroCare MCC-DSTZ14 Dust Remover is the environmentally progressive answer for dry precision cleaning. This economical “canned air” is ultra pure, double filtered to 0.2 microns for the very best cleaning results. It also uses a special valve which doubles the “pushing power” when compared to old syle dusters. Importantly the cleaner is non-flammable. This means that unlike sophisticated products, it can be safely used on energized equipment, making it ideal for speedy trouble shooting. The cleaner is non-conductive, non-toxic, odor-free, non-corrosive, non-flammable and leaves no residue. Available in two packaging options: one is the high-pressure blaster, and the other is a more economical spray that is StatZap™ compatible for better ESD control. 392g Can.  

Size: 392g Can

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