Selecting a Light Guide for UV Curing

There are a wide selection of light curable materials on the market – from adhesives and coatings to maskants and potting compounds. UV curing now has an increasingly greater importance in the modern manufacturing sector and has been deemed as the smart solution for equipment manufacturers. Light guides are a key component for efficient UV curing as they transmit UV and visible energy from a source mounted inside of a spot-curing unit to the curing area. Several factors should be considered when choosing a light guide for your system which will be outlined in this blog.

Selecting the most appropriate soldering tip for your application

Soldering tips are available in an array of shapes and sizes and are used in every industry - from electronics to plumbing. Metcal Soldering Tips, available from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe, have been uniquely designed to sense the specific thermal demand directly at the soldering pad. This feature enables the solder tip to deliver a precise quanitity of energy without the need to adjust or calibrate. When selecting a soldering tip, it is important to consider the tip's shape. By comparing the shape of different tips, you can ensure the chosen one will fit between each component of your board.

Robotics and Automation in Fluid and Adhesives Dispensing

Automation greatly impacts modern business and personal life, and this is particularly evident in applications involving machines used for dispensing and mixing. Modern advances in technology have resulted in highly specific and sophisticated fluid- and adhesive-dispensing robotics that have uses across a number of industries.

Celebrating Two Years of the Blog

It has been two years now since we launched our blog, and to mark this milestone we’ve been reflecting on our blogging journey so far. The Ellsworth Adhesives Technical blog was created with the aim of sharing our knowledge and expertise with you, our valued customers and we hope that you have benefited from this when selecting materials and equipment for your adhesive application. We believe it is our expertise that places Ellsworth Adhesives ahead of any competitor, and it has been a pleasure to be able to impart this knowledge to a growing global audience over the past two years.

Mixing Equipment for Different Budgets

The preparation of industrial materials almost always begins with thorough mixing, whether this be for applications requiring adhesives, silicones, polyurethanes, epoxies, hot melts or UV adhesive materials. It is therefore crucial that mixing equipment is chosen wisely to ensure efficient processing and an overall high quality output. We’ve highlighted the most effective mixing equipment on the market to suit different budgets, with the hope of helping you make an informed choice.

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