Anaerobic Sealants

Anaerobic Sealants

Anaerobic sealants are a niche category that will not cure without the presence of metal ions and lack of oxygen. When an anaerobic sealant is placed between a nut and a bolt on a metal assembly or between two closely fitted parts, they will rapidly cure to form a tough cross-linked plastic which bonds well to many metals. These unique properties are perfect for thread locking applications.

There are 4 main types of anaerobic sealant adhesives, namely:

  • Threadlockers – Used to bond and seal threaded metal fasteners
  • Retaining Compounds – Used to bond and seal cylindrical joints
  • Thread Sealant – Used to bond and seal threaded pipes and fittings
  • FIP Form in Place Gasket – Create a gasket directly on a part.

At Ellsworth Adhesives Europe, we supply a range of anaerobic sealants by Permabond.

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