Here at Ellsworth Adhesives Europe we have an extensive portfolio of encapsulants from a range of industry leading brands.

This month we share our expertise on this electronic material, providing unbiased advice on the different encapsulant options available and helping you to decipher which one is right for you.

Automated v Manual Dispensing Equipment

Once a two-component adhesive has been identified as the solution to an application, the next step is to evaluate the most suitable method of dispensing it, taking into consideration factors such as cost, accuracy, efficiency, productivity and the elimination of waste.


In this month’s blog post we examine the differences between automated and manual meter, mixing and dispensing equipment and which applications they are best suited to. 

Two Component Adhesives

Two Component Adhesive Packaging:


Many factors determine the size and format of the optimal adhesive, sealant or coating package. This month we share our expertise in this area, with insight into the latest developments in this type of technology.


Read the full blog post by clicking the 'more' link below. 


Welcome to our new blog


Hello and thank you for stopping by to check out our new blog!


This new Ellsworth Adhesives blog will serve as a platform to showcase our expertise in the adhesive field and has been created very much with you, the reader in mind.


Managing Director John Henderson comments “At Ellsworth Adhesives we are proud of our expertise in adhesive materials. Our technical team has excellent product knowledge and we wanted to share this intelligence with a wider audience. The creation of the new Ellsworth Adhesives blog provides the perfect platform to achieve this objective and we hope that readers will enjoy our monthly posts.”


As a distributor of adhesive materials and adhesive dispensing equipment, we represents all of the adhesive industry’s top brands including Dymax, Henkel Loctite, Dow Corning, Lord and Metcal. Each of the brands has a different focus area – for example Dymax specialise in UV Curing materials and equipment, while Dow Corning is known for its silicone solutions. With such a wide ranging product portfolio, our technical team therefore has a broad spectrum of technical knowledge to share.


Topics to be covered on the blog in forthcoming months include Adhesives for the electronics industry, Metering, mixing & dispensing Adhesives, A guide to selecting the correct encapsulant and finally a look at Developments in two component adhesives. In line with the reader focus of our blog, we would love to hear from you about the kinds of topics you would like us to address in future posts. Please email your suggestions to our Marketing Coordinator, Michelle Duncan: mduncan@ellsworth.com


We hope you enjoy our very first blog post on two component adhesive packaging!

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