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Selecting the most appropriate soldering tip for your application

Soldering tips are available in an array of shapes and sizes and are used in every industry - from electronics to plumbing.

Metcal Soldering Tips, available from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe, have been uniquely designed to sense the specific thermal demand directly at the soldering pad. This feature enables the solder tip to deliver a precise quanitity of energy without the need to adjust or calibrate.

When selecting a soldering tip, it is important to consider the tip's shape. By comparing the shape of different tips, you can ensure the chosen one will fit between each component of your board.

Included in our range are a wide selection of Metcal tip geometrics to cater to all soldering, de-soldering and rework requirements. It is important to note that these tips must be used only with Metcal Solder Systems.

We hope we can assist you in choosing the most appropriate tip for your application by outlining the features of each type and suggesting the applications each tip is best suited to.

Chisel Tip

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Chisel TipOne of the most common types of tip available, chisel tips are broad and thicker at the tip to help them evenly deliver heat to component leads and pads. Generally, chisel tips should be 60% of the width of the pad to ensure that the soldering process can take place as quickly as possible, yet with minimum thermal stress to the component. Chisel tips are ideal for applications which require soldering wires, through-hole components, large surface-mount components as well as de-soldering. For most soldering jobs, a chisel tip is the most effective option due to its tapered edge that can fit between most components.

Optimised for thermal performance, Metcal chisel tips are available in a fine chisel, bent chisel, long reach or fine bent option in 30° or 60° angles.

Conical Tip

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Conical TipConical tips are usually used for precision electronics applications since its pointed tip helps deliver heat to small areas, such as tiny surface-mount components. Shaped in a cone, these tips work efficiently in small areas and are perfect for hard to reach places.

Metcal offers a variety of conical tips in 30° and 60° angles which can be supplied as a fine, bent, long reach or fine bent chisel, all of which are recommended for heavy duty applications.


Hoof Tip


Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Hoof TipThe hoof tip, also known as the bevel tip is not as common as chisel and conical tips but is used for solder jobs that require iron pre-loading with solder. The hoof tips large flat surface ensures it can hold more solder than most other tips. The use of a hoof tip is useful for soldering small-gauge wires together or dragging solder across surface-mount chips to solder multiple pins at once. Hoof tips are ideal for drag soldering, and soldering small gauge wire.


Metcal hoof tips are supplied in a variety of types and sizes including long reach, chrome plated and mini in 45° and 60° angles.  These tips have been optimised for thermal performance.



Bevel Tip


Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Bevel TipBevel tips are also known as single flat tips and incorporate features from both the chisel and conical tips. Manufactured with one flat edge and one round edge, these tips are cost effective and can cater to a vast array of applications.



Blade Tips


Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Blade TipLarger and wider than most, blade tips are most suitable for rework and pad levelling and pad cleaning applications. By using a soldering braid and a blade tip you can easily remove solder from multiple components at once, with minimum working time required.



Knife Tips

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Knife TipKnife tips are ideal for multi-lead soldering and particularly suited to soldering of J-leaded components such as PLCCs and DRAMS. These fixed temperature tips are available in 45° angles tooffer users a fully safe and thermally effective solution to their lead-free soldering needs, as well as complete process control.


Now that you are aware of the broad range of solder tips available, we hope that you will be able to choose the most appropriate tip for your project’s needs.


To make an enquiry about any of our Solder Tips, contact Ellsworth Adhesives Europe via email: infoeurope@ellsworth.com or alternatively call 01355 231122.


If you are still unsure which Solder Tip is best suited to your application, don’t hesitate to contact ‘The Glue Doctor’ who will be happy to analyse your joining and bonding requirements and help you select the most appropriate tip.