New Dymax 1406-M Medical Adhesive available now from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe


Dymax 1406-M Medical Adhesive


Leading distributor of industrial adhesives and adhesive applicators, Ellsworth Adhesives Europe is pleased to announce the addition of the new Dymax 1406-M adhesive to its product range.


This medical device material has been designed especially for small needle bonding. As a next generation needle bonding adhesive, 1406-M is ideal for manufacturers looking to switch to LED curing in small gauge needle applications. Optimised for 385nm curing of plastics and metals, 1406-M allows for tighter standard deviations, enabling manufacturers to enjoy the benefits of LED curing without sacrificing speed or cured mechanical properties.


The ability of Dymax 1406-M to cure in seconds enables faster processing, greater output, and lower processing costs. Furthermore, 1406-M provides superior bonding performance on the reduced surface area of small cannulas, even after aging and sterilisation, to reduce the possibility of cannula substrate failure.


Typically used in the manufacture of medical device assemblies, Dymax 1406-M is designed to cure with broad-spectrum or LED UV 385 / 405nm wavelength light sources for the rapid bonding of multiple substrates. This medical device adhesive offers a sophisticated solution for needle gauges and most medical devices that are continually striving for smaller and smaller configurations for patient comfort and preference.


Dymax 1406-M can withstand greater temperature extremes and a broader range of temperatures than standard CAs or UVCAs. Typical common applications include pen needle bonding, syringe or needle assemblies and single use assemblies.


Additional features and benefits of the 1406-M include rapid bonding, fast cure speed, good adhesion to PP/PE and SS, low water absorption, low shrinkage and biocompatibility.


Ellsworth Adhesives Europe is an official distributor of Dymax UV Curing Products. To enquire about this system or any other Dymax products within the Ellsworth range please contact


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