UV Curing Accessories

UV Curing Accessories

Various UV curing accessories are available that will enhance or improve the UV Curing process.

Using a Liquid light guide, for example, is the most economical way of delivering high intensity UV light to materials. Light guides come in two, three or four pole configuration and filter mount assemblies are available to prolong their shelf life.

A radiometer is a useful tool to have in the UV Curing process since they allow operators to monitor and record the UV light curing process – for example a low UV intensity measurement would indicate to the user that part of the apparatus needs to be replaced. Radiometers also have the capability to confirm if the operator is sufficiently shielded from the UV light.

Other accessories have been designed to offer protection from UV and visible light. Shields and stands offer protection from UV and visible light, whilst providing the user with clear visibility of the curing parts. Protective eye goggles are also recommended to provide additional protection from UV light exposure.

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