Dymax Adhesives 203A-CTH-F

SKU: 0114-01-000259

Dymax 203A-CTH-F Multi-Cure® catheter and guidewire adhesive cures rapidly upon exposure to UV and/or visible light and is specially formulated to cure with heat in applications where shadowed areas exist. 203A-CTH-F adhesive is designed for rapid bonding of metals typically used in the manufacture of catheters and guidewires. This adhesive fluoresces blue for in-line inspection under low-intensity "black" light (365 nm). Bondable substrates include stainless steel, aluminum, Nitinol, PA, PU, ABS, and glass. TYPICAL USE    

Size: 10g Syringe, 3g Syringe

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10g Syringe, 3g Syringe

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