Dymax Adhesives 9422-SC

SKU: 0114-01-000341

Ultra Light-Weld® 9422-SC adhesive cures upon exposure to UV/Visible light and is designed for rapid bonding and reinforcing components on printed circuit boards. It also offers high adhesion to electronic components and various printed circuit board (PCB) substrates making it ideal for component staking and ruggedizing. 9422-SC provides rapid bonding to lead frame, PCB, silicon, and ceramic. Dymax adhesives formulated with See-Cure color-change technology appear bright blue in their uncured state, making them very visible when dispensed onto substrates. The color transitions from blue to colorless upon cure. TYPICAL USE    

Size: 160g Cartridge, 300g Cartridge

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160g Cartridge, 300g Cartridge

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