EL110H Polyurethane Composite – 250g Twinpack

SKU: 0110-01-000041

Robnor ResinLab EL110H is a two-part flexible polyurethane that offers excellent water resistance and electrical insulation characteristics. It is particularly suited to high frequency, high voltage applications due to the unique nature of the resultant cured polymer.

EL110H also provides excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical shock and may be used in applications to -55°C. Adhesion is good to a wide variety of materials and may be enhanced further by use of pre-treatment. 250g twinpack.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent resistance to seawater
  • Excellent resistance to aqueous based cleaning chemicals
  • Excellent toughness and abrasion resistance

Size: 250g Twinpack

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250g Twinpack

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EL110H Technical Data Sheet


EL110H Technical Data Sheet


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