Fisnar VPP500 Electro-Pneumatic Vacuum Pickup System

SKU: 0401-08-001792

Fisnar's VPP500 Vacuum Pickup System is designed for safely and efficiently picking up and placing delicate lightweightcomponents with ease. Unlike conventional tweezers, the use of a rubber suction cup prevents possible accidental damage or contamination to the component during the lifting and positioning process. The VPP500's foot pedal operated electro-pneumatic design minimises air usage and eliminates the exhausted noise, which is emitted when not in use. The system includes a selection of ESD safe tips & vacuum cups to ensure compatibility with numerous applications.

Product Literature:
pdf_viewFisnar VPP500 Vacuum Pickup System Operating Manual pdf_viewFisnar VPP50 Vacuum Pickup System Data Sheet

Size: 5.12” x 5.04” x 3.00” (130 x 128 x 76mm)

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5.12” x 5.04” x 3.00” (130 x 128 x 76mm)

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