Loctite ECCOBOND FP4460 – 10ML

SKU: 0006-01-000057

Loctite ECCOBOND FP4460 is an epoxy encapsulant that is designed for protection of bare semiconductor devices. Pressure pot performance on live devices is up to 500 hours with no failures, depending on device and package type. Typical applications include automotive applications, IC memory cards, chip carriers, hybrid circuits, multi-chip modules, BGA and pin grid arrays.

Please note, this product is frozen and must be shipped in dry ice. Contact us for more information.

Features & Benefits:

  • Black
  • High purity
  • Low stress
  • Improved work life
  • High temperature performance
  • Excellent chemical and moisture resistance
  • Heat cure

Size: 10ml

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Loctite ECCOBOND FP4460 Technical Data Sheet


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