Loctite ECCOBOND FP4531 – 30cc

SKU: 0006-01-000052

Loctite ECCOBOND FP4531 is an epoxy-based underfill encapsulant for use on flip-chips on flex applications with gaps down to 1mm. This epoxy-based underfill encapsulant is formulated to flow easily into the small gaps on flex applications.

Loctite ECCOBOND FP4531 has a recommended snap-cure schedule of 7 minutes at 160°C and passes NASA outgassing standards.

Please note, this product is frozen and must be shipped in dry ice. Contact us for more information.

Features & Benefits:

  • Black
  • Snap curable
  • Fast flow
  • Passes NASA outgassing
  • Increasing reliability of a small-gap flip-chip
  • Heat cure

Size: 30cc

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Loctite ECCOBOND FP4531 Technical Data Sheet


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