Rampf RAKU-TOOL EH-2903-1 Epoxy Hardener – 0.75kg

SKU: RAM050013

Rampf RAKU-TOOL RAKU-TOOL EH-2903-1 Epoxy Hardener can be used in combination with Rampf RAKU-TOOL EG2103 Epoxy Resin as a complete gelcoat system. With their excellent mechanical and chemical properties, RAKU® TOOL gelcoats ensure a whole host of premium surface qualities. A wide range of surface properties (rigid to flexible and abrasion resistant to polishable) can be obtained by applying just a thin layer. The two-component epoxy systems and the polyurea system are available with both long and short pot lives and also with different degrees of temperature resistance. RAKU® TOOL gelcoats are easy to apply and process.

Size: 0.75kg

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