RAMPF RAKU-TOOL MB0600 Modelling Board

SKU: RAM020601

RAMPF RAKU-TOOL MB-0600 is a brown styling board with a density of 0.60 cm³ ca.

With a fine surface structure, this board is easily shaped and machined. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and good dimensional stability.

RAMPF RAKU-TOOL SB-0600 is available in seven sizes:
1500x500x25mm, 1500x500x30mm, 1500x500x50mm, 1500x500x75mm, 1500x500x100mm, 1500x500x150mm and 1500x500x200mm

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pdf_view RAMPF RAKU-TOOL MB0600 Data Sheet

Size: 1500x500x100mm, 1500x500x150mm, 1500x500x200mm, 1500x500x25mm, 1500x500x30mm, 1500x500x50mm, 1500x500x75mm

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