RAMPF RAKU-TOOL WB0801 Working Board

SKU: RAM030803

RAMPF RAKU-TOOL WB-0801 Working Board is a grey working board with a density of 0.80 cm³ ca. With a fine surface structure, WB-0801 has high HDT and very low CTE. It also offers food dimensional stability and good compressive and flexural strength. Available in four sizes: 1500x500x25mm, 1500x500x50mm, 1500x500x75mm, 1500x500x100mm. This product is bought to order, therefore there is no minimum order quantity and the lead time will be estimated by a customer service advisor when you make an enquiry.

pdf_view RAMPF RAKU-TOOL WB0801 Data Sheet

Size: 1500x500x100mm., 1500x500x25mm, 1500x500x50mm, 1500x500x75mm

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1500x500x100mm., 1500x500x25mm, 1500x500x50mm, 1500x500x75mm

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