RAMPF RAKU-TOOL WB1222 Working Board

SKU: RAM031221

RAMPF RAKU-TOOL WB-1222 Working Board is a green working board with a density of 1.22 cm³ ca. The WB-1222 is the most proven working board on the foundry market and has a low wear of milling tools. It is resistant to amine and dry ice cleaning and has a good abrasion resistance. RAMPF RAKU-TOOL WB1000 Working Board is available in four sizes: 1500x500x30mm, 1500x500x50mm, 1500x500x75mm and 1500x500x100mm. Discounted pricing is available for bulk orders. Please call + 44 (0) 121 508 4144 or click request a quote below.

pdf_view RAMPF RAKU-TOOL WB1222 Data Sheet

Size: 1000x500x100mm, 1000x500x30mm, 1000x500x50mm, 1000x500x75mm

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1000x500x100mm, 1000x500x30mm, 1000x500x50mm, 1000x500x75mm

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