Techcon TS5322D Mini Spool Valve Delrin

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The Techcon TS5322 Mini Spool Valve is designed for higher accuracy with lower pressures. The Spool Valve is based on a balanced spool design to create a fast "ON/OFF" fluid dispensing function that is not affected by material input pressure. The spool action displaces a portion of the material back into the nozzle during shut off. This creates an automatic "suck-back" anti-drip feature. An oil chamber is provided for use above the upper seal to create an additional liquid seal that will prevent moisture from being carried onto the spool. The design facilitates easy maintenance without the need for special tools. The valve is designed to be opened by air pressure and closed by a return spring (single acting). A port is provided so that the valve may be connected for air closing without the spring (double acting).

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