Fisnar DC200 Precision Valve Controller

SKU: 0401-08-000595

Featuring a larger internal air solenoid and digital programming the DC200 is recommended for operations that require immediate and fast reaction for de-pressurization. The digital programming allows you to set the level of suck-back and measure any level of fluctuation in pressure while dispensing. The user friendly programming allows for up to 10 programs to be saved and 5 different dispensing modes to be used. An I/O connection allows for easy integration into pre existing manufacturing lines. Lockable programs can allow the operator to use the DC200 without fear of mistakenly modifying programs. The unit’s larger internal air solenoid is recommended for operations that require an immediate high volume air exhaust, such as collapsible toothpaste-type tube, caulking, cartridge reservoirs, valves and rotary table operations. A higher volume exhaust helps prevents drooling of materials contained in tubes. Please note, lead times have been temporarily amended due to Covid-19. If parts are in stock, we will aim to ship this sooner. Please contact the customer service team for further information

Size: 7.09 x 7.68 x 3.15"

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