Dymax Adhesives 112-MSK-UR-SC

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Dymax 112-MSK-UR-SC is designed for rapid bonding of PVC and other substrates typically used in the manufacture of airway management devices. Formulated with Encompass™ technology, this adhesive incorporates Dymax exclusive See-Cure color-change and Ultra-Red® fluorescing technologies into one light-curable product.The blue color of Dymax See-Cure products completely disappears when sufficient energy has been delivered to the bond line, indicating the adhesive is fully cured. This product also fluoresces bright red under low-intensity "black" light (365 nm), contrasting extremely well on plastics that naturally fluoresce blue in color (like PVC), and greatly assists with visual inspection of the bond-line area.  Bondable substrates include PVC, PC, PS, SEBS, ABS, PETG, and SAN. TYPICAL USE    

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