Dymax Adhesives 1193M-SV05-UR

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Dymax Ultra-Red™ 1193M-SV05-UR multipurpose medical device adhesive cures upon exposure to UV and/or visible light. 1193M-SV05-UR is designed for rapid dispense and bonding of plastics and metals typically used in the manufacture of syringes and needles.  This product is a tighter-viscosity-range version of the 1193-M family of needle bonders and is ideally suited for high-speed automated needle assembly machines where batch-to-batch consistency is crucial.  This product fluoresces bright red under low-intensity "black" light (365 nm). The bright red fluorescence contrasts extremely well on plastics that naturally fluoresce blue in color (like PVC), and greatly assists with visual inspection of the bond-line area. Bondable substrates include PC, PU, PS, ABS, and stainless steel. TYPICAL USE    

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