Loctite 315 / 7386 Thermal Adhesive Kit – 25ml/18ml

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Loctite 315/Loctite 7386 Kit consists of Loctite 315 thermally conductive adhesive (25ml) and Loctite SF 7386 activator (18ml). Loctite 315 is a self-shimming thermally conductive adhesive for bonding electrical components to heat sinks with an insulating gap. Loctite 7386 is an activator which cures Loctite adhesives.

The kit is used to bond transformers, transistors and other heat generating electronic components to printed circuit boards.

Features & Benefits:

  • Kit contains 25ml Loctite 315 and 18ml Loctite 7386
  • Thermally conductive
  • Highly viscous
  • Modified acrylic adhesive paste
  • Suitable for bonding electrical components to heat sinks
  • Provides excellent heat dissipation
  • Loctite 315 is a blue paste
  • Loctite SF 7386 is a transparent, yellow to light amber liquid

Size: 25ml/18ml

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Loctite 315 Technical Data Sheet


Loctite SF 7386 Technical Data Sheet