Loctite SF 7515 Surface Treatment – 5 Litre

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Loctite SF 7515 is an amber, water-based liquid, liquid surface treatment for metals like aluminium, zinc, zinc alloy and cold rolled steel surfaces. It delivers temporary protection (up to 48 hours) against flash rust on large surfaces in a simple spray and wipe application.

This product can also be used on blasted metal surfaces as short-term corrosion protection before coating and to improve corrosion resistance of final coated metal. It is compatible with most coatings as well as most paints.

Features & Benefits:

  • One component - requires no mixing
  • Amber liquid
  • Hexafluorotitan acid
  • Spray and wipe application - no rinsing
  • Water-based

Size: 5 Litre Can

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Loctite SF 7515 Surface Treatment Technical Data Sheet


Loctite SF 7515 Technical Data Sheet