Techcon TS5000DMP-DCX-SR Rotary Valve Disposable Material Path

SKU: 0004-01-000644

Techcon Systems TS5000DMP-DCX-SR is a disposable material path (DMP) rotary valve equipped with a quick access hinged door for rapid feed-path replacement. The patented DMP valve has a feed screw made of Delrin and is designed for use with two-compound and UV fluids. Techcon’s new DCX model replaces the now discontinued TS5000DMP series valve. TS5000DMP-DCX-SR features a new powerful motor which offers a much longer working life and increases the valves durability. All inserts from the TS5000DMP model are interchangeable with TS5000DMP-DCX-SR. Additionally, the new TS5000DMP-DCX-SR model offers a slimmer valve body width and comes with all suitable bracketry to replace the original part. TS5000DMP-DCX-SR Data Sheet

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